Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Final Project

Oh, it's been so long..since the last time I posted on my blog. I've researched, baked some good pastries and do my Final Project. As you now, I pursue the title of being a Bachelor in Design, so my name is gonna be Trishatara Handayani Dharmono, S.ds. So as a result, now I spend almost half of my day time in front of my notebook, sketching, drawing, colouring, scaning, editing, lay out and printing. But, I'm really happy to do it, because I love drawing, sketching etc. And because I want to show you (my viewer) a piece of my Art, I decided to post a few image on my blog. My Final Project is a Fashion Illustration Book about 21 Most Influential Fashion Designers, I interpret them from photo to Fashion Illustration. Why a Fashion Illustration book? first : i love fashion , second : fashion is my passion. And I think if you do something you really like and passionate about, the result is going to be great. So, here is my final project...

my book cover