about me

Trishatara Handayani
age :22
based : Jakarta, Indonesia
date of birth : May 26 1988
occupation : visual artist
languages : english, bahasa indonesia
email : trishatara.handayani@yahoo.com

passion :
creative industry, writing, fashion industry, retail industry, fashion photography, and cinema

education :
2001 Putra I elemantary school
2003 109 Junior High
2006 54 Senior High
2010 Trisakti university, major in Visual Communication Design

exhibition :
2006 FSRD Illustration expo
2007 Tjap baroe design expo
2008 Mercedes Benz Fascination week photo exhibition

experience :
2008 Mercedes Benz Fascination week photo contest
2008 as Fashion Stylist and Photographer for Design Therapy
2009 Visual Merchandiser for Fashion First @Senayan City (Final Exam)
2009 In House Graphic Designer at Oh My Goodnes (OMG) creative consulting

I'm 22 years old Visual Communication Design student, based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
loner, dreamer, i love bizzare crap, odd, funny, simple person.
I have a big passion in fashion industry, film and writing. I used watercolor paper, drawing paper and digital media to spill my mind. Also watercolor, drawing pen and conte as the tools. I don't have any style for drawing, I draw the way I am, not the way people told me to.
Sometimes when I draw, I feel something inside my mind, like told my hand not to stop drawing or coloring. And there was a time when I spent almost 12 hours to draw and color, till my hands swollen, hurt and I think, it's time to take a rest and continue tommorow.
Basicaly, my inspiration come when I read a fashion magazine, when I saw someone else's draw and it spurred me to death to began to draw again, to impress myself, to practise and make something new, something I liked and something I passionate about.

from left to right
anna wintour, takashi murakami, karl lagerfeld, emmanuelle alt
marc jacobs, steven meisel, kate moss, olsen twins
biyan wanaatmadja, coco chanel, sasha pivovarova, dewi utari

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