Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

QUOTE of the day

"The most important thing, that an artist should have is STYLE"

Mary-Kate Olsen

hello, nite guys..
Mary-Kate Olsen, oh, she's my everything. I really, really adore her, love her , she's my fashion icon. I love everything and anything about her. My fashion Goddes. This is her picture when she's went out to Chanel fashion show with her twins, Ashley...


Kate Moss

One of my favourite supermodels, fashion icon, style maker. oh my god, i really love her, adore her. She's so gorgeous. She's my muse, my rolemodel I even want to named my daughter after her daughter's name Lila Grace.


Ms. Anne Hathaway

One of my favourite actress, my inspiration and my muse. I think Anne Hathaway is the next Julia Roberts, they both have the same juicy upper lips, both share the same nomination on Oscar, both are great actress. I really love and adore both of them.


my version and the original version

I twisted a little of the original version, in that photo Anne was handing a Peacock feather, in my version i change it, with a cigarette.

Saturday, August 22, 2009



hello,this my earlier artwork, i just re-colour it.this is bottega veneta spring/summer ad 2009, love the sunglasses.

Late at nite

I've been doin my sketch on 01.00 am. I don't really know why, but inspiration always come to me,
late at night. I thought it was because, what i've been through that day is pretty exciting. Because it's the first day of fasting day, and I did it. ihihihi...

This is an illustration from one of my favourite supermodel sasha pivovarova. Sasha Pivovarova ( Russian : Саша Пивоварова) is a Rusisian model and artist . Pivovarova is perhaps best known for her consecutive 6-season run with PRADA . But, this is her photograph on the cover of Korean Numero Magazine.

This is a tribute for one of my favourite fashion brand, Balenciaga. Beside I love Nicolas Ghesqiuere and Balenciaga itself, like i said earlier today I fall in love with the model bone struchture.

This is a women body part. I found it kinda sexy, then I draw it.

my first window display

the final exam, thanks for the great team work guys..window display on fashion first @ senayan city.


i captured this, while i was working on my display


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

QUOTE of the day

“Successful people don’t try too hard to improve what they’re BAD at.
They capitalize on what they are GOOD at”

Sunday, August 16, 2009


my first ever experience, to take a shot at the studio.


happy independence day my beloved country, INDONESIA.
hello, today is 17 august 2009 which is my Indonesia's independence day.
to celebrate it, i will announce myself today, to be more nasionalist and made my country proud of me. I will conquer the world with all my passion and artwork.

my first vector

just a trial, from my old stock..
the one in red is from LUX printed ad. And the other is a photowork from one of my inspriration panji indra.

OWL ad, stopmotion

simply christmas

a christmas joy...

photographer suci saptiarini
fashion stylist trishatara handayani
digital imaging swielida anggraita

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the S word

some people maybe know the L word, but i really love this S word...
which is meant S for sadness, S for smoke and S for sensuality

creative director & fashion stylist trishatara handayani
photographer suci saptiarini
model stevani christy sihombing

contemporer javanese bride

twist it a little...

creative director & fashion stylist trishatara handayani
photographer suci saptiarini
stephine matasik

black and white

i love black and white.
The idea came up when I saw the black and white photograph from my favourite supermodel Sasha Pivovarova.
I potray women from her masculinity, eager and fearless. Enjoy...



creative director & fashion stylist trishatara handayani
photographer suci saptiarini & sukma maharani
model stevani christy sihombing

it's OWL about

my little store ad

trishatara handayani
modelkencana ning
fashion stylist trishatara handayani

intan's project

this is my best friend intan a.k.a jeng jupe. She was hired me to do this private collection of her. It's a full of fun experience, because i have to strike a pose first before I captured her, she's so stiff. hahahahahah, just kiddin'


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i loved to draw...
on my own way...

first project

this is my first project as a fashion stylist
this photo have been shot by me, at kota tua.

creative director, photographer & fashion stylist trishatara handayani