Saturday, August 22, 2009

Late at nite

I've been doin my sketch on 01.00 am. I don't really know why, but inspiration always come to me,
late at night. I thought it was because, what i've been through that day is pretty exciting. Because it's the first day of fasting day, and I did it. ihihihi...

This is an illustration from one of my favourite supermodel sasha pivovarova. Sasha Pivovarova ( Russian : Саша Пивоварова) is a Rusisian model and artist . Pivovarova is perhaps best known for her consecutive 6-season run with PRADA . But, this is her photograph on the cover of Korean Numero Magazine.

This is a tribute for one of my favourite fashion brand, Balenciaga. Beside I love Nicolas Ghesqiuere and Balenciaga itself, like i said earlier today I fall in love with the model bone struchture.

This is a women body part. I found it kinda sexy, then I draw it.

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